Grow your ADA while supporting great Cardano content



Hi! My name is Andrew, and I am the pool operator of Ad Astra Stake Pool. I believe that communication is key to driving mass adoption of our favorite blockchain. The best materials promoting Cardano are very often hidden within long presentations; remaining unseen to a wider audience. I love finding these gems and turning them into short, inspirational, accessible videos that can be shared on YouTube and other platforms. Your delegation will not only earn you more ADA, but it will also support the creation of great Cardano content.


Staking ADA from your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet is 100% safe. Your ADA never leaves your wallet, and is always in your control. The average Return on Investment for staking ADA is about 5.1% annually.

You can delegate to our pool by searching "Ad Astra Stake Pool" on your Daedalus wallet, and choosing to delegate to our pool. For Yoroi users, you can simply copy and paste our Pool I.D. into the "Delegation by I.D." section of your wallet.

Our Pool I.D. is ...

Name: Ad Astra Stake Pool
Ticker: ASTRA
Pledge: 200k ADA
Margin: 0%


Our fees are set to the minimum: 340 ADA fixed fee and 0% variable fee. Our variable fee will gradually increase over time as the pool becomes more saturated. This fee will always be reasonable, always be competitive, and never be over 5%.


  astra-pool @

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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